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Mushbox mushroom kits and growing systems

Learn to grow mushrooms from home with our easy to use mushroom growing systems. Our mushroom kits have proven results and all parts are guaranteed for safe delivery.

*Regarding Spores:
you can grow almost any type of mushroom with our mushroom kits but you must acquire other strains of mushroom spores yourself from a reputable vendor.
Click here to purchase spores from

Regarding Illegal Species or Magic Mushrooms: These mushroom kits are meant to be used with legal edible and medicinal cultures ONLY. We do not sell mushroom kits to persons who we think are attempting to use our products to conduct illegal activity. If you are unsure of our stance on this subject please check our disclaimer. If you have any questions regarding this policy please use the support form but do NOT ask about cultivation.

Here are all our mushroom kits and growing systems, click an item to learn more.

- The Mycozone Eco-System

- The Mushroom Casing Kit

- The Myco-101 Starter Kit

- The Self-Automated Mushroom System

- The Mycodome 3-in-1 Mycology Kit

- All American Pressure Cookers

- Mycodome Fruiting Chamber

- The Humiditube Enviroment Control

- NEW! The MushBucket Humidity Control System

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The Mycozone

Casing Kit

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