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Mushroom kits and mycology systems

Learn to grow mushrooms from home with our easy to use mushroom growing systems. Our mushroom kits have proven results and all parts are guaranteed for safe delivery.

*Please note:
you can grow almost any type of mushroom with our mushroom kits but you must acquire other strains of mushroom spores yourself from a reputable vendor. See our links page for some good spore vendors

NOTE: These mushroom kits are meant to be used with legal edible and medicinal cultures ONLY. We do not sell mushroom kits to persons who we think are attempting to use our products to conduct illegal activity. If you are unsure of our stance on this subject please check our disclaimer.

Here are all our mushroom kits listed according to price range.
click on a kit below to learn more

Mushroom Grow Bag - NEW - $19.99

The Casing Kit - $65.00 - $59.99

The Myco101 Starter Kit - $139.00 - $135.99

The MYG Casing Kit - $134.99 - $125.99 BEST PRODUCT!

The Self-Automated System - $210.99 - $205.99

The Mycodome 3-in-1 System - $230.00 - 175.99

The Advanced Myco System - $274.99 - $265.99

The Complete Mycologist System - $550.99 - $535.99

mushroom kit

"Casing is a
way to get
more bang
for your buck
growing mushrooms

The Casing Kit -
$65.00 - $59.99 + shipping
Another way to grow mushrooms is with a casing method. Casing involves usingthe mycelium to grow into a bed of substrate, creating stronger mycelium. This produces a
larger bed of mushrooms and bigger fruits. - Top of Page

This kit includes:

2 Grain Jars
Casing Soil
3 Casing Trays - 8 x 4 x 3"
Using this with a complete mushroom kit or fruiting chamber will provide maximum results.
casing mushroom kit
alacabenzi mushrooms - grown with the MYG kit
mushroom spores

edible mushroom kit

The Myco101 Starter Kit -
$139.00 - $135.99 + shipping
A good way for beginner mushroom enthusiast to have a successful first crop is by utilizing a self-fruiting cake from our world famous substrate jars. The jars are pre-sterilized with inoculation points for easy access. Just shoot up and incubate! - Top of Page

This kit includes:

1 - Grow Chamber with Hepa-type filter
1 - Incubation chamber with heater
12 - Substrate Jars
1 - Quart perlite
1 - Thermometer
starter mushroom kit
"This kit is good for beginners
or advanced mycologists"

grain loving mushrooms
Casing with straw gets fast, healthy results every time

Best deal for your
dollar, Grow LOTS
of mushrooms
with the MYG
Casing Kit

The famous and original Mega-You-Grow Kit - $134.99 - now only $125.99 + shipping
MYG Kit is ideal for beginners wanting to learn the casing method. The MYG kit uses straw and soil to create a healthy bed for the mushrooms to grow into. This kit comes with a ready to inoculate grain jar that you can use with a spore syringe of your choice.
Guaranteed to get results or your 2nd kit is free! - email us for details - Top of Page

This kit includes:
1 - Grow box with dome lid
1 - Bag of straw substrate
1 - Clear plastic mixing bag
1 - Bag of casing soil mixture
1 - Vial of casing starter
1 - Spray bottle & watering cap
1 - Half gallon rye grain jar
1 - Copy of detailed instructions
MYG USA Shroom Kit
Dimensions of Grow Chamber:
22" Long - 12" Wide - 12" High

" As seen advertised in HI TIMES MAGAZINE

" By far the best mushroom growing system
available on the internet today "

" The results far outweigh the price of the kit - guaranteed to produce results or you get a 2nd one FREE! "

The Self-Automated Myco System -
$210.99 - $205.99 + shippin
*Notice: get this kit with MYG kit and save - click here for details - Top of Page

This mushroom growing system is truly amazing. The grow chamber is 45 quarts, used as a grow chamber or an incubator. This maintains proper humidity / temp. for cakes and casing teks. This chamber perfectly fits 1 MYG kit and works very well as an environment control system for casing with the MYG kit - Read more on Self-Auto MYG shroom kit

This kit includes:
1 - Temperature / humidity control grow chamber
1 - Humidifier / air exchange system
1 - Air filter
1 - Air pump
1 - Digital multiple setting timer
10 - quarts perlite
Substrate jars sold separately
self-automated mushroom growing system

The Mycodome - Worlds only 3-in-1 mushroom growing system -
$230.00 - 175.99 + upgrade option - Top of Page
This three-in-one system is perfect for beginners or advanced mycologists because it allows you to incubate, birth, fruit, and dry your mushrooms in one compact, easy to use device. The Mycodome can be used to grow all types of mushrooms including: exotics, edibles, and medicinals. Visit the official Mycodome Website - Click Here

The Mycodome comes complete with:

2 - 3.5 gallon chambers
1 - Dome lid
1 - Attached air filter
1 - 12" fruiting tray w/ bubbler & check valve filter.
1 - Perforated drying tray & lid
1 - Air pump
1 - Digital indoor / outdoor temperature gauge
1 - Fitted submersible heater
1 - 48oz bag of Quick Dry
1 - pound of L.E.C.A (light expanded clay aggregate)
Optional Upgrade for Jars or Casing kits.


Visit the official Website

The Advanced Myco System -
$274.99 - $265.99 + shipping
This is by far the easiest and most efficient kit to grow a whole bunch of mushrooms fast. The grow chamber is affixed with a hepa-type filter to allow proper gas exchange throughout the birthing process. You can use this mushroom growing system with cakes or casings to get impressive results every time. It also comes with a Glove Box chamber for 100% sterile inoculation and preparation of your jars or cakes. - Top of Page

This kit includes:
1 - Extra large growing chamber with filter
1 - Glove box sterile working environment
1 - Water incubator for birthing
1 - 22 quart bag of perlite
1 - Spray bottle
1 - Digital temperature gauge
Rubber gloves, masks, & alcohol
24 pre-sterlized substrate jars
advanced mushroom growing system

The Complete Mycologist System -
$550.99 - $535.99 + shipping
This complete mushroom growing system will allow you to produce large quantities of your favorite mushrooms, and provide you with the knowledge to use all of your yields to recycle the process over and over again - Top of Page

This kit includes:
1 Complete Self-Automated System
1 large water incubator (66 q) with digital therm.
1 glove box
48 sterilized substrate jars
6 quarts perlite
1 quart casing soil
1 quart vermiculite
3 casing trays
5 empty, sterile syringes
gloves, masks, and alcohol
Complete Mycologists System - Never ending cycle of mushroom growing
grow large mushrooms easily from home
mushroom magic cubensis
shroomkit mushroom growing
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