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The MYG kit combined with the Self-Auto Mushroom Growing System.

This kit includes:
2 - 66 quart containers that double as incubator +
- ----grow chamber providing indefinite harvests
1 - 100 watt fully submersible heater
1 - Humidity and air exchange device
1 - 22 quart bag of perlite
1 - Complete MYG Mushroom Growing Kit

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If you have mastered the cake method of growing mushrooms and feel that you are ready to tackle bulk substrate cultivation then this is the kit for you. As you may know bulk cultivation produces a lot more mushrooms over a longer period of time. It takes dedication and hard work, but with the White Rabbit system attached it makes it super easy to have success!

When cultivating mushrooms in this nature, constant maintenance is required. Since casing and bulk substrates require lower humidity and fruiting temperatures, it can be a real test to get the conditions just right to fruit your young network of mycelium. Fanning is also required for gas exchange. Gases build up inside your growing chamber and can further prevent any growth. The process of taking the lid off and fanning is called "gas exchange" and this process itself is vitally important for the mushrooms growth. The timing of all these factors are important as well. All of these factors are taken care of with the White Rabbit Growing Chamber so when used with the MYG casing kit you get amazing results every time with minimal effort.

New Growing System


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The MYG Kit fits perfectly in the grow chambers creating the ideal environment for growing LOTS of mushrooms.

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Growing mushrooms with MYG Self-Auto System

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Basic Information about the
MYG White Rabbit Mushroom Growing System
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The two chambers you receive with your kit are clear heavy duty Rubbermaid containers and should be cleaned with hot, soapy water before and after each use. Spray with Lysol, alcohol, or bleach/water solution to further sterilize. The bottom portion of the chamber DOES NOT have a pre-drilled hole and should be the container that the submersible heater lies in. The top portion or "fruiting chamber" of the kit is the container with a pre-drilled hole, green check valve and hosing already assembled for you. This slides into the lower portion with the water and submersible heater. The water level should be high enough so that the top container is touching the water level. It's okay if you have to press down a little and the water comes up the sides, that is actually ideal.

The submersible heater does not need to be drilled in or attached in any other way other than the suction cups it was packaged with. It can fully submerge into water as long as the plug isn't wet. The plug you simply wire out of the side of the kit.

The humidity and air exchange device is the most important part of the kit. The hose that comes from your Tropic Aire humidifier is to provide moist clean air to your grow chamber. Simply attach the hose to the rod if it is not already attached for you inside the fruiting chamber. You can position however you like inside the chamber. The suction cups for the tube is in the humidifier for packaging purposes. The air hose coming from the air pump is leading into the intake of the humidifier. Then the out take hose should be leading from your humidifier to the fruiting chamber. The air pump should then be plugged into your timer.

The timer has some great instructions on the inside of its packaging so be sure not to throw them out. Different species of mushrooms require different specifications of gas exchange and temperature, but I like to generally set my timer to turn on every three hours for fifteen minutes. The timer is super easy if you just read the directions.

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From here you will want to monitor your kit over the next few days to see if it working properly. It's ok for curiosity sake to open it once a day and give it a peak. You will want to follow basic procedures for patching up the casing soil and a light mist here and there with a spray bottle but if you see the mycelium forming on the surface then you know you are good to go. For troubleshooting visit our forums at We have a team of experts waiting to answer your questions!

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Get your MYG White Rabbit Growing System today, all parts and supplies guaranteed for intact arrival. This system will increase the yield and decrease chance of contamination of the already popular MYG kit.
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sorry this kit is no longer available as a combo order, you can get the MYG kit here and the Self Auto Kit here.
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