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Books on mushroom cultivation, mushroom stories, and mycology.

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If you just beginning or already started we want to be YOUR source for mushroom and mycology related reading materials. If there is anything you can't find here please email us and we will try to get it for you!

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The Mushroom Cultivator

MANNA Magic Mushroom of Moses

mushroom cultivation guide

1/2 PRICE - LIMITED TIME OFFER only $29.99
The Mushroom Cultivator - $59.99
+ shipping
The Mushroom Cultivator - A Practical Guide to Growing Mushrooms at Home by Paul Stamets, J. S. Chilton - Top of Page

This book is like the Bible of mushroom growing. Combined with our MYG kit and the information you will gain from this book you should have an extremely hi success rate in producing mushrooms.

This book will teach you how to extract your own spores and keep the growing process goin indefenitely. Easily the most comprehensive and technically advanced book ever published on the subject.

Twenty-three color plates, hundreds of illustrations, detailed growth requirements for 15 mushrooms, glossary and index. Highly-praised by the experts. 415 pages 7 1/2" x 9"
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alacabenzi mushrooms - grown with the MYG kit
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psilocybin magic mushroom growers guide

Magic Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest - $9.95 + shipping SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR!
A complete guide for the identification of Magic Mushrooms in the Pacific Northwest.

How to find and identify them, were to find them, when to find them, what they look like, 16 psilocybian species described, how to identify toxic mushrooms, a history of teonanacatl: flesh of the gods, field tripping and collecting, methods of preparation, preserving and drying.


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MANNA magic mushroom of moses book

The Magic Mushroom of Moses - $12.99
+ shipping
M A N N A - Another great mushroom book. The mushroom of moses is a storey about the holy sacrament of christ. Written by J.D. Dure

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"My Book MANNA documents the Biblical use of Majic Mushrooms by Moses, Christ, and the Israelite Prophets in a ritual which was kept secret by an elite coven of Jewish Priests until the coming of Christ, who was crucified for teaching it to the masses. Also revealing the mystery behind the Ark-of-the-Covenant which was built to house the holy Manna in a golden cup, from which the King of Babylon drank before having visions." ~ By J. D. Dure

Goes into depth on the history of mushroom use in rituals and religious beliefs. Very interesting quotes that provide insight into how todays religions developed. Click here to order it now. - Top of Page

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