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magic kits Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of mushrooms grow from your kits?
All our kits can be used to grow almost any type of mushroom.

How many mushrooms can I get from your kits?
Many factors come into play when considering your success with growing mushrooms. It depends on your level of expertise and knowledge, also depends on how much of an initial investment you can make, depending on what mushroom growing system you choose to start with. The more you know the more you can grow. Each kit can produce different amounts, if you are interested in a specific kit please ask at the forum.

Do you ship your products worldwide? what about Overseas Countries?
Most of our products we will ship overseas but some of them we will not, due to large boxes or product shelf life. Shipping overseas can be very expensive if you want it in a timely manner and intact. Please email us before placing an overseas order.

What type of packaging do you use when shipping the mushroom kits?
Your privacy is very important to us. We only use plain white or brown cardboard boxes with no outside labels or advertising. Only the shipping information is show and all packages show a return shipping address from "Innersight Trading".

What companies do you use for shipping your products?
We use UPS for all USA shippable products. We use Canada Post for all Canadian shippable products, or if requested we can setup shipping with the Greyhound Bus Station for canadian orders also. Email us about this option.

How can I order if I don't have a credit card?
Please visit our main order options page for all ordering details, you can send in an "international money order" instead of paying with credit card online.

Replacement parts or refill kits - Do I have to purchase a whole new kit?
No, we offer many of the main parts necessary to keep your growing system up and running indefinitely. You can get "refill kits" for some of our mushroom growing systems but we can get you anything you need usually. Email us to ask for a particular part

How long does it take for my order to arrive?
All online orders take 24-48 hours to fully verify authenticity, then they ship out early or mid week. If its late in the week it will not ship until the following Monday. USA orders take approx 7-10 days for delivery after order completion. Canadian orders take approx 7-10 days regular and 5-7 days express for delivery. Mail orders can take longer to verify depending on your money order or check. If you ordered and its been past the 7-10 day wait time then please email us and include ALL your order details, we will locate your order ASAP.

If your question was not found on our FAQ please visit SHROOMTALK mushroom growing information forum and try searching there. If you still don't find the answer then feel free to post your questions there or email us anytime.

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